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Sexual Health care in the NHS

We are working with clinicians and patients who already have to live with the growing resistance of bacterial infections to antibiotic treatment.

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In this part of the project we ask questions about clinical practice and patient experiences of bacterial infections. The emergence of multi drug resistant gonorrhoea is well known and discussed in the media, though clinicians have long needed to adjust prescribing as strains of the infection have become resistant to common antibiotics. Other bacterial infections are also showing emerging resistance, including Mycoplasma genitalium, which was resistant to several antibiotics when it was first identified in the 1980s. There are numerous efforts to improve diagnostics and develop new treatments and vaccines, but the field is also under pressure to defend and extend HIV prevention while facing budget cuts due to austerity and to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sexual health is thus an example of health services under strain, but we also see that the community is equipped with experience from HIV/AIDS, and particular sensitivity to questions of stigma and community engagement.

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