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Events and Connections

November 2020

We were invited to speak in the panel Living in the 1,5 metre society at the European University, St Petersburg.

Summer 2020

Ulla presented work from her PhD to the American Sociological Association conference 2020. Catherine helped organise a panel at EASST 4S on Situating antimicrobial resistance (AMR): locations, spaces and borders, presenting a play written with Dr Mark Erickson (Brighton) giving scenes from the many lives of Escherichia coli.

March 2020

In March this year Catherine gave a talk to the group at the Wellcome Trust who are working on Antimicrobial Resistance funding and policy.

January 2020

Kilpisjärvi Artic Research Station

Catherine spent an inspiring few days in the Kilpisjärvi Artic research station in January, thanks to support from the University of Helsinki for a meeting of sociologists, anthropologists and geographers engaged with ethnographic work with microbes. The participants will contribute to an edited collection together over the next year. A wide range of chapters were discussed, ranging from the use of yeast in wine-making, and kombucha or fermentation in food, to agricultural and veterinary approaches to bacteria in animal health and clinical encounters with bacteria as well as bacterial phages that offer a promise of cure. Discussion was aided by both the short hours of sunlight, but also the wonderful opportunities to share and sense microbes in different ways through making and tasting sourdough bread and cheese, culturing skin flora with artists and sharing wine at the lakeside sauna. Catherine presented a piece of experimental writing in collaboration with Dr Mark Erickson, at the University of Brighton 'Scenes from the many lives of E.Coli'.

November 2019

Uppsala Antibiotic Centre

Catherine was invited to give a presentation to the Uppsala Antibiotic Centre and talk to microbiologists and social scientists working together there. She gave a version of her paper in Sociological Review The problem and the productivity of ignorance: public health campaigns on antibiotic stewardship, which can be read on our outputs page. She also contributed a podcast to their AMR studio on ‘Reframing Resistance’.

Institute of Advanced Study, Durham

Catherine also travelled to Durham to an event on the Sociology of AMR hosted by the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Durham which was organised by Dr Kim Jamie and Dr Gary Sharples. Dr Jamie spoke about her work on antibacterial clay therapy in collaboration with microbiologists.

Sussex Sexual Health Research Network

Ulla attended the inaugural meeting of the Sussex Sexual Health Research Network (SHARE) Inaugural Symposium, an initiative by colleagues at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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