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This part of the project is an in-depth exploration of different scientific work, policy and activism on marginalisation in health, relating to drug resistant infections and the viral pandemic. It brings the techniques of Science and Technology Studies to bear to explore the emergence of these as issues and the development and interaction of 'ways of knowing' in microbiology and bacteriology, epidemiology, health economics and public health more broadly. If you have been invited to participate in this aspect of the research, please read our participant information sheet.

Empirical work will compare scientific research and health policies relating to different bacterial infections over the last 30 years, through close readings of journal science and guidelines in both the UK and US. Additional information will be sought through expert interviews, recruiting through professional and advocacy organisations. Analysis will map the history and geography of knowledge making and policies on drug resistance, informing work on the other parts of the project. We would like to have conversations with practitioners in public health and health care locally, nationally and internationally to explore their understanding of inequality in relation to different health issues and join debates on appropriate messages for communicating antimicrobial resistance with different publics.

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