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Bladder Health in the UK

This part of the project explores women’s understanding and experiences of the viral infection COVID-19 and infections that may be identified as bacterial in cause, mainly infections of the urinary tract. The research will be carried out by Eleanor Kashouris for her doctorate: please contact her directly to take part on You can read more here.

This research focuses on bacterial infections that affect women - especially urinary tract infections (UTIs). We want to address the uneven distribution of these infections in the UK population and the risks that they will have worse effects as antibiotics stop working. We are interested in hearing from people who have experience of urinary symptoms and past or current experiences of being perceived as a woman, however they identify now.

We are placing special emphasis on people who may be at risk of these infections because of where or how they work. This could be for many different reasons but we think workplaces where toilet breaks and opportunities to have a drink are limited might be especially worth further investigation. At the moment, we are seeking to talk to people who work in factories, on farms, in social care and in nursing, as well as with advocacy groups, to understand this issue from different perspectives and positions. Many people who work in these locations have been classed as ‘key workers’ during the coronavirus outbreak, but the expectation that they would keep working has often made them particularly vulnerable to infection with COVID-19.

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